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Welcome the New FlyRadius Store

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Welcome to the FlyRadius Store. This is a new store that has been setup by FlyRadius to offer aircraft models and other aviation related products. Our focus with this online store is to provide aircraft models for aircraft that we cover on the FlyRadius site. We strive to offer the best prices and customer service out of all of the online stores that stock aircraft models.

We have decided to launch with a selection of aircraft that includes the Boeing 717-200, the Bombardier CRJ200 (now MHI CRJ200), and the Bombardier CRJ700 (MHI CRJ700). All of our starting products are made by Flight Miniatures.

You can view all of our products on our store page.

If you do not see an aircraft model that you are interested in, please contact us and we will see if we can stock the item.

All orders support the development of the FlyRadius site and the future of FlyRadius. Your order and support are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting us,

The FlyRadius Team

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